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Tim Phizackerley has been endorsed by experts around the World for his therapy knowledge and expertise. He has a unique set of skills and abilities and has been featured in the printed media many times and also on TV and Radio. Tim's work has also been featured in several books. He is a specialist in the treatment of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and in treatment of the derivative conditions and behaviours that it can lead to. He has an international client list and you will find samples of the reviews and articles below.

Selection of Media Mentions and Appearances

tickDaily Mail
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickAlpha FM Breakfast Show [later Star Radio] -
(Tim removed a presenter's phobia live on air),
tickRaw Talk Radio
(Guest expert for extended international feature on Tim's treatments),
tickDelaware 105.9 FM
(Radio feature - Guest expert on alcohol dependency treatment)
tickTeesdale Mercury
(Article about Tim's nationally reported successful treatments),
tickIQRA Television
(Guest expert on mental health and pioneering treatments),
(Guest expert on addiction treatments),
tickNorthern Echo
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickThe Daily Record
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickBelfast Telegraph
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickThe Irish Examiner
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickShout Radio - Cheshire & The Fylde UK
(Guest expert: mental health and trauma),
tickEvening Chronicle
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
(Report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickTFM Radio
(Invited to talk about charity work),
tickScottish Daily Record
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickThe Echo - Cork
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickHuddersfield Examiner
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
(Report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickTeesdale Radio - Drivetime Show
(Guest expert: trauma and mental health treatments),
tickYork Examiner
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickHorizon Talk Radio
(Guest expert: PTSD, mental health and pioneering treatments),
tickGrimsby Telegraph
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickThe Irish News
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim),
tickThe Courier - Dundee & Angus
(Newspaper report of a successful treatment by Tim)

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  Expert reviews
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Tim & Specialist PTSD Research

In terms of his expertise Tim is unique in the specific context of trauma and PTSD. Tim has personally created ground-breaking methods for the treatment of PTSD and his unique methods have been formally and independently trialled by a team of psychiatrists and neuroscientists. Both studies showed rapid positive outcomes across the entire cohort. The research scientists have published these findings relating to Tim's methods in the scientific press. These studies demonstated the existence of an effective treatment for PTSD and Tim is the expert who personally designed and created these powerful new methods. In person Tim uses these methods and a variety of other unique approaches which are only available to his personal clients. If you want results then you're probably in the right place.

A sample comment from a psychologist
"I was fortunate to come across Tim and his methods in the last few years. I believe his unique original work can only be described as a quantum leap in therapy which is so far ahead of the rest of the game that, if you are therapist, you absolutely need to study with him and learn his methods if you want to give your clients the greatest relief/change in the shortest amount of time possible.
If you are a client, even if you have tried a number of different options to deal with whatever it is you are facing, I cannot recommend a visit to Tim highly enough.
You will be in the safe hands of one of the world's top therapists with the most cutting edge therapy tool kit at this disposal.
He isn't someone who has just been on glamorous training courses, but someone who is at the forefront of this field, blazing the way forward."

      Peter Owen - Psychologist and Therapist - Leigh, Lancashire, England

Specialist PTSD Treatment With Tim

Science supported methods are important but treatment is also about people. For this reason Tim's sessions are relaxed and informal. His intent is always for his clients to enjoy the experience of rapid and lasting beneficial change which can feel utterly utterly remarkable. As well as being personally featured in the media Tim is UK based. He may be able to work online for some issues, others he needs to do in person. Because of the research projects and also because of his extensive experience Tim has access to a network of expertise and contacts that most other therapists can only dream of and this can sometimes be useful in very complex cases. Tim has also been a director of a mental health technology company.

Over the years Tim has become ever more interested in trauma and its treatment. This interest in trauma is personal and his researches have led him to a passion to help people. His wife is a survivor of THREE terminal illnesses and as you can imagine this has meant knowing exactly how to handle countless traumatic situations. By using the methods Tim uses and teaches, fun, joy, peace and happiness have permeated their lives irrespective of circumstance. Coping strategies are all very well but coping strategies don't solve the problems. Tim believes it is far better to seek to eliminate the effects of trauma completely and totally so that it no longer affects you at all. That is always his target.

"Tim Phizackerley has helped thousands of people worldwide both as a Therapist and a Teacher, excelling at both. I am very proud to be associated with him and honoured to endorse him."
      Douglas Allitt - Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Coach - Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia

""I've been raving to the point of annoyance about this guy Tim Phizackerley... I just love his programme... It's absolutely amazing. I am in awe of his technique." "
      Cash Peters - TV Presenter & Author - California USA.     (Review relates to Tim's methods for creating subconscious change)

PTSD Symptoms & Trauma

The symptoms of trauma can be very varied. PTSD symptoms may include panic and anxiety, flashbacks, fears and nightmares. If left untreated trauma can also lead to phobias and even more serious problems. These may include avoidance behaviours, anger, mood and personality changes, chemical dependencies, eating disorders or other undesirable coping strategies. Tim also treats these where appropriate and is well known for doing so but it is better to avoid such problems in the first place. In order to avoid the development of such derivative problems or symptoms, if you have suffered a trauma or multiple traumas then it is typically best to seek help soon as you can.

"Tim Phizackerley is a genius when it comes to understanding the human mind!
He is a gifted therapist who consistently delivers fast and effective treatment to his clients.
Additionally, Tim is an excellent teacher who goes above and beyond expectations so that, in turn, therapists such as myself can teach others how to Live Life Free and Happy!"

     Susan Cromer - Therapist - Miami, Florida, USA

The Best Methods For Your Particular Trauma, Traumas or PTSD Related Issue

Treatment plans are devised at no cost at all:- PTSD can cause feelings of stress, sleep difficulties, loss of confidence, trauma related anxiety, flashbacks, panic, phobias and coping strategies such as alcohol or substance dependencies. Because symptoms vary so much, the best PTSD treatment needs to be selected first and this choice is essential. Tim will carefully select the most appropriate method for your particular symptoms and history. He will then devise your own bespoke treatment plan at no cost at all ...and also with no commitment. Doing this allows him to quote you a specific price simply to work through the steps. This is the fairest and also the best way to work.

Approach this with a willingness to participate in your own success and you should do well. Choosing the perfect method for a given individual and then correctly sequencing things is vitally important for optimum results and Tim's many years of expertise is what allows him to create a specialist bespoke pathway to maximise the probability of the best outcomes in the shortest timescales.

"Thanks to Tim the hypnotist (as he is now known, also Doctor Tim to us!) for coming in to cure Mike's LIFT PHOBIA, which we tested out in full view off shoppers in the CORNMILL SHOPPING CENTRE, it really does work and now Mike and family can give the stairs a miss!"
      Alpha FM Breakfast Show.
(Later to become Star Radio)

Specialist PSTD Treatment at Lower Cost

‚ÄčTim's cost are lower for the following reason. The big corporate type chains of clinics are high profit providers who tend to use large expensive unnecessary offices in high cost prestige locations. Typically they have expensive staff on high salaries and in the background there are multiple PAs, secretaries, answering services, media agents and other excessive payroll additions. Often such clinics use huge advertising budgets to funnel as many people as possible into their ponderous overly expensive treatments. To make things even worse it is very common for such providers to choose extremely slow treatment methods which require countless sessions and which further add to cost. All of that pointless, excessive and unnecessary cost and expenditure has to be passed on their customers.

Tim works differently. By working quickly and without such a wasteful approach Tim can offer you genuinely good value instead.
Despite the demand for his unique skills he has always sought to offer you by far the best value, the shortest timescales and also the best results. (See video and other reviews futher down for examples.)

"Tim's extensive knowledge and understanding of the workings of the mind is remarkable, and this is reflected in the products he creates. Tim, thank you for sharing your insights and talents; the world is a better place because of you."
      Bridget Edwards - Therapist - Johannesburg, South Africa

Multiple PSTD Treatment Methods

What methods does Tim use?
Tim does not teach coping strategies because it is better and far more useful to seek to eliminate the effects of the trauma altogether. He uses motor interference, rewind, memory adjustment, neuro-lingustic methods and selected aspects of many proven, little known or pioneering methods. Additionally and because he is an expert in its specific usage he sometimes uses hypnosis also. Whilst this may be unexpected there is a very strong historic precedent and it is worth understanding (Read further down this page for details). Tim is widely known for his hypnotic skills and great speed with hypnosis and this alone instantly sets him apart from almost anyone else in this specialist field. He has a diploma with distinction in the clinical uses of hypnosis, and teaches clinical hypnotism and self hypnosis. He has a sister website at as many clients seek him out especially for that reason.

"I have studied hypnosis and the subconscious mind for 20 plus years. Tim Phizackerley's encyclopedic knowledge of the subconscious mind, hypnosis, and therapy has opened my eyes to concepts that I have never considered until recently. Tim's passion and understanding of the human mind makes him one of the most experienced therapist and teachers that I have ever encountered. Thanks to Tim's teaching and guidance, I can truly say that I have become an even better hypnotist."
      Chris Hart - Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner - Orlando, Florida, USA

Why Tim Sometimes Offers An Undervalued Treatment Method

Tim uses many different methods but one of them often arouses particular curiosity. Because there are so many misconceptions here is a quick summary to help you understand the specific usage of hypnosis as it relates to PTSD treatment.

Countless research studies over many decades across a wide range of clinical uses have demonstrated multiple benefits from the skilful application of hypnotic techniques. In the medical, dental and psychological fields it has found many applications. The British Medical Association and also The American Medical Association have both formally acknowledged its validity. Its specialist usage in the context of trauma and PTSD dates back more than a hundred years. As a result it has been extensively used for the treatment of "Shell Shock" after military conflicts. There is a large evidence base. And finally, in the specific context of trauma treatment there are many known methods of using hypnosis for PTSD. The biggest problem in terms of obtaining such treatment has always been the scarcity of people with the necessary skills and expertise.

Some of the most powerful techniques are notoriously difficult in terms of training. It is much easier for a doctor to sign their name across a prescription pad. These and several other factors have meant that simpler methods and pharmaceuticals (mostly to mask symptoms) have almost totally displaced the use of hypnosis over time. This is tragic because its validity in highly skilled hands is extremely well documented.

You will presumably understand that the skill of the hypnotist makes a big difference. A practitioner with average or limited skills is likely only to obtain very limited results. By contrast an exceptional hypnotist using the correct methods is far more likely to produce the exceptional results you want. This is why you need an expert. If you watch the videos below you will see just how easily Tim is able to do things using hypnosis that most hypnotherapists will not even attempt or simply cannot do at all (See videos below). This ability makes Tim a truly unique therapist to see and it means that he is able able to use such methods if ever needed.

As already explained, Tim has personally created methods which have then been tested by real world scientists and reported as being rapidly and very highly effective. Tim frequently uses these and other pioneering methods in combination because a mixed approach can often be best. Depending upon your particular symptoms Tim may suggest the inclusion of several hypnotic methods designed for the treatment of PTSD.

Tim's Specialist Work

Trauma takes many forms. Traumas can be big or small and they can also be single or cumulative. Subconscious responses can be very diverse. Sometimes other symptoms also introduce elements of trauma. The people below saw Tim for a wide variety of different issues. Tim asked a number of his therapy clients if they would be kind enough to describe their experience of being hypnotised by him. These very generous people have been extremely kind in sharing their own experience of that particular aspect of Tim's work. They have done this for your benefit and Tim would like to express his sincere thanks to them. This is of course just one aspect of Tim's work and he is always happy to work in other ways if requested.

These clients have been extremely kind in sharing their own experience for your benefit. Sincere thanks to them.

More Expert Reviews

"Two words sum up Tim Phizackerley's contribution: genius and generous. ...Thank you, Tim!"
      Carolyn Yoder - Therapist - Virginia USA

"Tim has a wonderful ability to connect with people. He is a unique, gifted therapist. Genius in what he does, smart , professional and a forward thinker. "
      Valerie Smith - Psychotherapist - Toronto, Canada

"I've had the pleasure of spending some time with Tim when he trained me in his successful Bulimia and Anorexia treatment. His knowledge of how the mind works is phenomenal and he shares this information in a relaxed and easy to understand manner. He truly is a great teacher!"
      Liz Hogon - Hypnotherapist - Melbourne, Australia

(Note: Anorexia and Bulimia can be a side effect of certain types of trauma - hence Tim's development of methods to correct them)

"I have really appreciated the tutorials created by Tim. His depth of knowledge about the workings of the human mind is incredible and he teaches in such an interesting and down to earth way that the information has really stayed with me.
The knowledge I have gained from Tim has enabled me to provide an excellent service to my clients because I have a much greater understanding about how to bypass the critical factor which in turn helps people to change unhelpful core beliefs.
Many Thanks to you Tim, you provide great teaching material at an affordable price. What a gift!"

      Jane Owen - therapist - Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England

"Tim's work will take you to a higher understanding of the mind which has never been taught before. Tim has revolutionized therapy worldwide. 'Awesome and priceless teaching'"
      Mike Wells - therapist - Morecambe, Lancashire, England

"When it comes to reprogramming or repatterning the subconscious to help people overcome seemingly impossible odds, Tim is constantly breaking barriers and providing personal therapy as well as self help tools that are groundbreaking.
Without Tim's guidance, instruction and unique tools, I know I would be stuck at a low level of success in helping to guide others in my practice. He and his work are definitely a gift to humanity!"

      Jeff Harding - Barrier Elimination Coach - Waikoloa, Hawaii

"Tim combines his vast knowledge and experiences into an elegant learning material that is easy to grasp. The way he explains certain topics in a crystal clear manner with examples is a delight. I was blown away by Tim's way of presenting the topic in his material 'Positive Secrets.' It was like a revelation that sets you totally free."
      T Sreenivasan - Therapist - Bangalaore, India

"I would recommend that any potential or established therapist take the time to study with Tim. "
      Bill Hinchcliffe - Therapist - Scotland & Gibraltar

PTSD Media Challenge

Tim created his media challenge simply because so many people tell him that they've undergone common treatments such as CBT or counselling and gotten nowhere. To prove that better methods genuinely do exist he created his national media challenge. ...

"Pitch me on TV or Radio directly against any NHS therapist, counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, (or other large and well known mental health institution) using NHS approved therapies for any of the kinds of issues listed on this page. I'll publicly demonstrate that my own methods are many times better than those in general use and also much faster too."

PTSD Treatment - Price and What to Expect

Quicker and more affordable:- Tim works hard to offer you the best value and even better results. Tim does not have standard prices because each person is unique in their needs and treatment is besoke. Quotations are free. To provide the very best results he carefully selects the most appropriate method after assessing the history and also the symptoms. This selection is important. Also tell him exactly how you want him to help you. Remember to give him all the information you can about your specific problem and its history so that he can select the most appropriate method. If it has led to other symptoms such as a compulsion of some kind then also say so and give details. Tim will then carefully assess the very best method for you. That process costs you nothing at all. As long as he thinks it is practical he will then be able to give you a quote for his time to carefully step you through the process. He cannot provide quotations where information is vague or withheld.

After Tim quotes you a price it is valid for long enough to allow you time to book. Whether he can see you will depend upon many factors and this includes your commitment, the specific enquiry, possible times and dates, location, quality of information given and also on politeness of approach. Price is based on all these and several other factors. For this reason be sure to provide an accurate and complete description of the problem and its history and also your location and availability, even timezone if outside the UK. If you have been quoted a price elsewhere or if your budget is very healthy or if the need is very urgent for some reason then say so. It may allow for a quicker appointment or even the use of extra special methods.

To give you a quote he needs to know EXACTLY what you are looking for so please be specific. Tim can then determine absolutely the very best method to help you.


To get a free assessment and price visit the contact page. Be sure to send all relevant information. Tim needs to know the full picture in order to work out the very best approach for you and then if appropriate to quote a price accordingly. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours then please follow up with a second message explaining this and be sure to include an alternate means of contact.

Phizackerley Therapy & Training, Enterprise House, Harmire Park, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8XT
(Normal working hours Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

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